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Creating an Interactive Campus Map – Things to Consider

One of the greatest ways of getting the attention of far-away prospects to enroll in your school is by using an interactive virtual campus map. But it takes a lot of time and research to design an interactive campus map. What follows are some of the critical points to consider when creating an interactive campus map that will enhance your student recruitment strategy and ensure that you create a campus tour that will promote your college to prospective students.

Without a doubt, your interactive virtual campus map should enlighten prospective students about your school. As a result, you should profile all the best facilities on your campus- be it programs, whereabouts, accomplishments, environments, and history that will lure them to enroll in your school. Not only should you add all the extracurricular activities on the interactive virtual campus map, but you should also profile any state-of-the-art equipment available in your school. How about including all the special facilities in your school that demonstrate that your school cares about the needs of all students like the campus worship areas, lactation zones for new moms and accessible roads for the disabled students? Having the best interest of all students and highlighting all the features that make your campus stand out will come a long way in ensuring that you create an excellent interactive campus map.

Secondly, you need to come up with a realistic campus map development timeline. Obviously, you need the campus map to be up and running before the next recruitment cycle. How much you are going to incorporate into your virtual campus tour will be determined by the timeline you set. A simple overlay of the campus map would take a couple of days but for the all-inclusive campus map, you would have to wait a couple of weeks. As such, ensure you contact your campus map developer and establish an interactive campus development timeline that will be suitable for you.

Because the main aim of adding an interactive virtual map is to lure more and more students to enroll in your school, all departments in your college should be part and parcel of this campaign. For example, let the alumni department choose a few students who completed their studies in your school to be brand ambassadors. Contacting alumni’s is a good idea since they have experienced the campus life and they know a lot about your school. So, they are passionate supporters of your college and are likely to share everything good about the school they attended. Similarly, the sports department can display its facilities for recruitment, allowances, and game day marketing strategies on the school’s interactive campus map.

If you are having a hard time designing an interactive campus map, you can visit your nearest college recruitment agency and let them help you improve your student recruitment strategy.

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